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Tao Te Ching – Chinese Wisdom – Politics – Part 1 – DeepTalks by Deep Trivedi (Hindi) (Set of 2 DVDs)


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Politics is an art that should be imbibed in life to attain success in both professional and personal life. Know the true art of politics with Tao Te Ching – Politics series. These sutras by the famous ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu are considered to be the most Intellectual Sutras of human history. Deep Trivedi, a pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics and a renowned author and speaker, explains the true meaning of these sutras in this set of 5 DVDs and reveals the profound secrets related to politics. Deep Talks – Tao Te Ching by Deep Trivedi is a voluminous series of psychological talks and discussions (in Hindi) of about 61 Hours, 52 Mins and 36 Seconds in which Deep Trivedi, Pioneer in Spiritual Psychodynamics, Renowned Author and Speaker unveils the wisdom of the most intellectual Sutras of Human History, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. In this unique collection of 47 DVDs, Deep Trivedi, bestselling author of I am The Mind and Record Holder for ‘Maximum Lectures on Human Life’ in Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records, has shed light on numerous topics related to human life such as mind, time, success, politics, problems, so on and so forth. In this series, Deep Trivedi guides you to reflect on the nuances of human life and sheds light on the various facets of life such as knowing your inner self, improving business, deciphering the true meaning of religion, finding solutions to your problems, and much more.

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