The book ‘Don’t Teach Me Tolerance – India’, written in the first person, explains in detail the genesis of the universe and how the natural elements and life forms came into being, and the exemplary tolerance of every particle in this creation.

The book defines what true tolerance means, and on the basis of this definition relooks at India, and existent religions and political parties in India, with respect to their tolerance. It examines the tolerance shown by some past Prime Ministers of India towards their posts, right up to the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on whom a complete psychoanalysis has been presented, with regard to what and how he thinks and what is actually in his mind; what he has done, and left undone; what more he needs to do, and what he shouldn’t.

Tolerance is a comprehensive word, impacting the happiness and prosperity of an individual or a nation. The book provides reasons for India’s long period of enslavement and cautions against future pitfalls.

The book maintains that it is only by showing the youth of India the right path, and them learning to become tolerant, as it is a law, that the more tolerant one is, the greater will be his progress.

This book is available in English, Hindi and Gujarati.

About the Author:
Deep Trivedi is the author of the bestsellers ‘I am The Mind’ and ‘I am Krishna’. He is also a pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics and a renowned speaker, who has extensively spoken on human life and human psychology.

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